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Luxurious Exotic Companion
Greetings, gentlemen,

It's a pleasure to welcome you to my world. Something captivating seems to have caught your attention... Allow me to unveil myself and reveal who I am.

I am Milia, a unique blend of passion, contagious laughter, and sophisticated elegance, always ready to explore new adventures.

My welcoming smile and my delicate attention invite you into a world where every moment seems suspended. Originally from the Caribbean, I carry the warmth and sensuality of my island within me, promising thrilling encounters where time flies.

My passion for originality is limitless. I can become anyone you want me to be: your best friend, a mesmerizing lover, a daring accomplice, an exotic fantasy, or the girl next door. A simple snap of my fingers, and I am transformed to offer you a truly unforgettable moment.

Currently involved in university studies, my academic background enriches our conversation, allowing exchanges that are as varied as they are enriching. A spiritual lover and a devoted library user, I enjoy the profound dialogues, the laughs, the moments of passion and the cultural and physical activities.

For the full experience, I highly recommend setting aside several hours or even an entire day. Take full advantage of our meeting to create memorable memories, which will remain our little secret.

First looks

I take pride in my sun-kissed skin, natural curves, and fine features highlighted by luscious lips and a captivating gaze. My bright smile showcases my delicacy and femininity, while my firm body is always complemented with perfect manicures and pedicures.

I embody elegance with a touch of class, choosing clothes that enhance my figure while maintaining sophistication. Whether I'm in high heels and a tight dress or casual in sweats and sneakers, I keep it stylish. My makeup, always light, emphasizes my natural beauty. With me, you'll be proud to show up anywhere, as I am a woman who seamlessly blends simplicity with sophistication.

First looks

I am proud of my golden skin, my natural curves, and my fine features accented by luscious lips and a mesmerizing look. My dazzling smile reveals my delicacy and femininity, while my firm body is always cared for with the perfect manicure and pedicure.

I embody elegance with a touch of class, choosing clothes that enhance my shape while remaining chic. I feel as comfortable in high heels and tight dresses as I do in joggers and sneakers. My makeup, which is always light, highlights my natural beauty. With me, you will have the pride of showing up everywhere, because I am a woman who knows how to combine simplicity and sophistication.

Interests and lifestyle

I am a soul deeply in love with traveling, always seeking to immerse myself in new cultures and indulge in unique flavors at refined restaurants. Cooking is my creative sanctuary, where I hone my culinary skills, dreaming of one day owning a kitchen worthy of a top chef. While my travels and passion for cooking take center stage, many are surprised to learn that my first love is sewing, an art I have been practicing since a young age. In addition to these passions, I am also very active, considering sport an essential part of my daily routine, revealing another layer of my personality that harmoniously complements my other interests.

And you, what passions drive you?

My current passions

There are so many other things I want to discover. Let's live life to the fullest together!

・Muay Thai
・Art Galleries
・Theater Plays
・Grand Ballets
・Bachata Lessons
・Fine Dining
・Wine Tasting
・Walking with my dogs

My passions of the moment

There are so many other things I want to discover. Let's live life to the fullest together!

・Art galleries
・Symphony orchestra
・Theater play
・Grands Ballets
・Bachata lessons
・Walking with my dogs
・Muay Thai
・Fine restaurants
・Wine tasting


My services are available in Montreal, where I warmly welcome you to my condo in Griffintown. Additionally, I am available for visits to your preferred location, within Montreal or other Canadian cities. The rates provided below apply across Canada.

Should you have any specific requests not mentioned here, please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss them.

A delicate introduction

If your schedule is busy and the times to meet are rare, this introduction is ideal for you. My presence will be like a breeze from an exotic place, a space where you can escape. I will be that sensual reminder of a distant place, a moment of escape in your daily life, a touch of exoticism in your routine.

1 Hour: $500
2 Hours: $1000
3 hours: $1500


Are you in a relationship and dream of adding an exotic touch to your intimate moments? I represent the embodiment of this fantasy.

1 Hour: $650
2 Hours: $1300
3 Hours: $1950

Dinner date with chocolate dessert

I love one-on-one dinners, a game of seduction around exquisite flavors, followed by a return home where you discover each other, slowly and with

6 Hours: $2500

Dont' let me go just yet

Do you want this magical moment to last forever? Do you want to keep me snuggled up in your arms a little longer, whisper a soft “good night” and a tender “good morning” in my ear? Do you want to watch the sunrise together? If that's what you want, I have exactly the option for you.

Overnight (12 Hours): $4,000
Complice Day (24 Hours): $6500
Let's Escape for a Weekend (48 Hours): $9,000

* Extended appointments available, contact me.

* For appointments outside Montreal, travel expenses are required.

Invite me to your city

I passionately love to travel and explore new cultures, with a particular interest in enjoying the best food in the world. If the idea of inviting me to your city or sharing a trip together appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it further.

Overnight: $5000
Full day: $7,000
Two days: $10,000
Week: $15,000

*Please note that an additional $100 is required for any role-playing service. You have the freedom to select the costume of your choice as well as the scenario. However, if some requests do not suit me, I reserve the right to decline them.


What services do you offer?

I am a companion who values connection over a list of specific activities. I have a great ability to adapt to each individual's energy and establish connections on various levels. I prefer to be guided by the moment, which I believe creates the best experience for both of us. If you have a specific desire or idea, please feel free to share it with me. I will happily respond, provided that our initial interactions remain professional.

What are your conditions in case of cancellation?

I am aware that unforeseen events can happen. Please note that : for an “overnight” or longer appointment cancellation, made less than 48 hours before the scheduled date, or for a shorter appointment, made less than 12 hours before, I reserve the right to keep the deposit. This will be refunded in full or kept for a future meeting if you decide to postpone.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, e-transfer, and PayPal payments. I take both Canadian and American dollars. For the deposit, I also accept gift cards of my choice.

What do you do with my information?

Confidentiality is essential for me. Please be assured that I keep all the information you provide to me, as well as the details of our exchanges, safe. In return, please show the same respect for my privacy and consider our relationship as a shared secret.

How should I give you the donation?

Please deposit your donation in an open envelope, visible from the very first moments of our appointment. For a meeting in a public place, you can opt for a gift bag or a card. In this way, we will be able to avoid any uncomfortable situation associated with the delivery of the donation and enjoy our time together to the fullest from the start.

Is it necessary to make a deposit?

For one-hour appointments, a deposit is not required. However, for all other durations, the deposit of a deposit is mandatory to confirm and secure your reservation. Without a deposit, I reserve the right to cancel the appointment to accept other reservations with deposit. A deposit of 25% of the total donation amount is required for bookings other than one hour.

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